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Glass Bead Bookmark

Create your very own custom designed Glass Bead Bookmark

Reading is always fun, and having your very own handmade bookmark can make it even more enjoyable. Here’s a simple project that even the novice beader can handle. The bookmark shown here can be made in less than 30 minutes with my bookmark kit and your choice of any one of my preselected bookmark bead sets. Enjoy!

Silver or Gold Glass Bead Bookmark

Skill Level:  Basic
Time to Complete: 15-30 Minutes
Cost to complete: Approximately $20, including Bookmark Kit, one Bookmark Bead Set, and shipping and handling

Bead Bookmark Tools



• Needle Nose Pliers
• Flush Cutters – Available at hardware or craft stores


Each Silver or Gold Bookmark Kit includes the following:
• Complete Instructions
• Silver or Gold bookmark blank
• 12” of Softflex woven wire
• 1 Charm as shown
• 5 Small glass beads (each bead set differs)
• 2-7 crystal beads (each bead set differs)
• 2 tiny end beads
• 2 crimp beads

Order your Bead Bookmark Kit here.


Feed Softflex wire through the loop in the bookmark.


Feed crimp beed through short end of Softflex wire.

Feed wire with crimp bead through the loop of the bookmark.
Swing the short end of wire back through the crimp bead as shown.
Using the needle nose pliers, gently push the crimp bead close to the bookmark loop and pinch it shut.
Snip the loose end, leaving about 3/4”.
Feed on the first tiny bead as shown.
Then add the rest of your beads.
Feed a crimp bead onto the loose tail of the Softflex wire.
Then add your charm as shown.
Continue to feed the wire through the next bead.
Gently grab the crimp bead with the needle nose pliers. Do NOT pinch tight.
Gently pull the wire taut and then pinch the crimp shut.
Snip off the loose end of the wire.
Gently pull the wire taut and then pinch the crimp shut.
Snip off the loose end of the wire.
Voila! Your bookmark is done. Now, go find a good book to read.

Notes:          Feel free to email me or call me at (503) 702-6490 if you have any questions.                                                                         

                     Recommended reading:  “The Beader’s Handbook: Beads – Tools – Materials – Techniques” by Juju Vail. Click here to order online.

                     Click here for a printable version of this tutorial.

Glass Bead Bookmark Tutorial

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