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Simple Glass Bead Pendant on Leather Cord

Glass Bead Pendant on a Leather Cord

Skill Level:  Basic
Time to Complete: 15-30 Minutes
Cost to complete: Approximately $20, including Bead Kit, one large focal bead, and one rounded leather cord

Note: Large focal beads and rounded leather cords are available on my website. (See below.)

Bead Jewelry Tools


• Round Nose Pliers
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Flush Cutters – available as a set of four at Riogrande. Also available at most craft stores and, if you are lucky, at your local hardware store
• Hammer
• Hard Surface


• 8” of 16 gauge silver wire with copper core
• 8” of 16 gauge copper wire for practice
• 4 lampworked spacer beads
• 4 small flower spacers

Order your Basic Bead Pendant Kit here.

Note: Large glass focal bead and “36 leather cord are sold separately.
See my large glass focal beads. Over 60 varieties to choose from.
See my round German leather cords. Available in 11 colors.


Using round nose pliers, grab silver wire at the end.

Roll wire into partial circle.

Using flush cutters, snip a small piece off the end to form a smooth circle.

   Using round nose pliers, continue to form a spiral.

Using needle nose pliers, grab end of spiral and bend the wire tail at a right angle. *It is important to get as sharp of a bend as possible so that the first bead sets properly.

On a hard surface, hammer the spiral up to the right angle.

Start feeding the pendant components onto the wire in the order shown.

Using needle nose pliers, grab the wire just above the final bead, leaving about 1/4” space and bend at a right angle (*opposite the direction of the spiral so that the spiral lays flat after inserting the leather cord).   

Using round nose pliers, form a complete loop.

Using either round nose pliers through the loop or flat nose pliers flush with the loop, spiral the end of the wire down to the base.

Using flush cutters, snip off the tail as close as possible to the stem.

Using flat nose pliers, pinch down the tip.

Insert leather cord through loop and tie knot at desired length.

Notes:          Feel free to email me or call me at (503) 702-6490 if you have any questions.                                                                         

                     Recommended reading:  “The Beader’s Handbook: Beads – Tools – Materials – Techniques” by Juju Vail. Click here to order online.

                     Click here for a printable version of this tutorial.  Bead Pendant Tutorial pdf

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